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Propel your business forward with our awesome Managed IT Services. Founded in 2001, Portland-based Superien Technology is on a mission to make technology simple. 

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Every day, companies big and small, depend on technology to operate and grow their business. From submitting a payroll report to remotely managing thousands of cloud-based computer systems, our world now runs on technology “rocket fuel” like never before. Whether you have five employees or 100, a competent, trustworthy partner like Superien, will help guide you through many technology challenges. Let us transform your business with our managed IT services. 

Founded in 2001

With over 21 years of experience, we are experts in our field and can meet all your IT needs.

Custom Solutions

Delivering laser-focused solutions to meet your specific business goals.

Portland Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our services are backed by our iron-clad commitment to deliver superb service with integrity and smile.

The internet of things is always evolving. Modern day threats pose a constant risk to your computer network, which is a vulnerable area to many businesses.

You can count on us to fully support, maintain, configure, and upgrade your network and servers. Our top priority is keeping your computer network running smoothly, securely and problem free.

Our expertise in designing and implementing protection strategies for mission-critical systems gives us the ability to anticipate future challenges to your IT infrastructure.

We know the pain of downtime caused by lost hours spent  troubleshoot tech problems. We can help with these challenges quickly and efficiently!

End-to-end management that enables your employees to reliably and securely access all the office tools and resources they need remotely. 

We understand that one of the biggest and most common challenges is integrating the various cloud services with existing on-premise infrastructure.

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Interested in learning how we can help transform your business with our managed IT services? 

Superien Managed IT Services

End to End

At Superien, we will listen to your needs and work together with you to design a comprehensive information technology foundation that meets your Information Technology objectives. Including cybersecurity, compliance, systems management, remote workforce management, and ongoing technical support. 

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Every business is unique, so tell us about your business, technology needs and challenges. We will help you succeed!


We'll Create a Custom IT Plan

We will tailor the perfect Managed IT plan, specific to your business needs, goals and budget.  We specialize in small business IT!


We''ll Handle your IT Troubles

No more wasted hours trying to resolve tech issues on your own. Focus on your business and let Superien handle it.

Portland Managed IT Services

Through our exclusive service methodology of Analysis, Resolution, Protection, and Support, we help our clients eliminate technology challenges by delivering simple, secure and reliable solutions that are perfectly aligned with their business goals. We would love an opportunity to get in touch with you and help transform your business. 

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